Types of Traffict

1. Direct - The visitors will directly visit your website's url into their web-browsers.

2. Social - The visitors will click the link of your website from social media sites.

3. Organic - The visitors will search your keywords into search engines.

What is Traffic Generator?

Traffic generator is a tool, commonly a robot programmed to perform visiting set of url. Because it creates fake visits, pageviews or impressions, it will surely hurts the website performance. Some of advertising networks have strict rules about prohibiting the use of traffic generator.

How to use?
1. Enter your URL. If you choose "Organic," you need to enter your "Keyword."
2. The visitors will visit your website as soon as they received your URL.


1. 100% Free - No Registration Fee. No Monthly Premiums Fee. No need to browse others website.

2. Real Traffict - Received real human visitors from real ip address. Real visitors will visits and navigate your entire sites, thus, it is safe and will not hurt your advertisement provider. We seriously dont use robots.

3. No Bounce Rate - We sent your link into web-users accross the world with relevant interest, thus, the visitor will surely interact with your website.

4. Organic Search - Unlike other Traffic Generators, we provide authentic Organic Traffic.

5. More Income - Because we do not use robotic actions, and/or any other anonymizer, and your traffict is came from organic search, social/refferal or direct visits, impressions is more valuable. Using this method, you might get high CPM rate and high CPC income.

6. Improved Search Rank - Websites with low bounce rate and high organic traffict will surely improved Search Result Ranking.

7. Worldwide Traffic - We have real internet surfers from different part of the globe.

8. Unlimited Traffic - Send us your url to received unlimited traffic.

9. All URL Accepted - All URL is accepted as long as it doesnt contain any malicous contents, deceptives and dangerous advertisement. We also accepts url from social media sites such as Facebook, Blogger, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, etc.


- Receive Free Real Human Traffic and Impressions

- Free and Unlimited

- Increase your url page views (Including Youtube Videos)

- Increase your rankings

- Increase your revenue

App Version: 1.3

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Why Us?
First of all, it is free and doesn’t required you to register and keep your account details to login again. You can post your Articles or create a blog by just filling-up the form providing the details we needed.

Hosting your own blog may cost you services such as web hosting plan, some sort of software such as website builder, buying domains, paying for extra professional services such as S.E.O. tools, and many more. But the biggest problem of bloggers around the world is how they advertise and create traffic to their blog.

We have a vey simple goal to deliver useful information around the web.
So, if you don’t want to be a professional blogger but having such passion in writing and willing to share your content around the web, you arrived in the right place.

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