How to speed-up your internet connection?

How to speed-up your internet connection?
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Is your internet connection speed always differs from time to time? It is very annoying to wait for your favorite website to load. This tutorial will teach you how to speed-up your internet connection. You dont need to download and install any applications. You dont need to configure your settings. Speeding up your internet connection is just 2 steps away, just follow this steps below.



Internet Speed Stabilizer


Click  "STABILIZER" button

Internet Speed Stabilizer - Stabilizer

That’s all!

Please take note that not to close the site to make your internet connection stable.


Normal Mode – Use to stabilize your internet connection. It can prevent you from disconnecting on network and very useful in situations like streaming, waiting, online shopping and any other activities that requires stable connection.

Extreme Mode – Use to force speed-up your connection. It can be useful for activities such as downloading or uploading large amount of data.


Internet Connection – Broadband 3G H+ up to 4G LTE (Cellular or Mobile connection) with minimum speed of 1mbps.

JavaScript Enabled Browser – We highly recommend Google Chrome and Opera Browser. Any JavaScript Enabled browser will work.

Operating System – This online application works in Android and Windows (Desktop/Laptop, Mobile and Tablet)

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Article Author - Josh Salcedo
Published On: July 13, 2018
Last Update: August 23, 2018

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