Enjoy Playing Online Games Without Annoying Lags

Enjoy Playing Online Games Without Annoying Lags
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Are you an online gamer which annoyed by lags? Playing online games with lags would be very annoying. This is due to unstable internet connection. This online tool will help you to stabilize your broadband, cellular or mobile internet connection for free! You don’t need to download and install an application to your mobile phones, tablets, desktop and laptop devices. Just follow this few basic simple steps.


Visit  www.internetspeedstabilizer.online

Internet Speed Stabilizer


Click  "STABILIZER" button

Internet Speed Stabilizer - Stabilizer

That’s all!

Please take note that not to close the site to make your internet connection stable.


Normal Mode – Use to stabilize your internet connection. It can prevent you from disconnecting on network and very useful in situations like streaming, waiting, online shopping and any other activities that requires stable connection.

Extreme Mode – Use to force speed-up your connection. It can be useful for activities such as downloading or uploading large amount of data.


Internet Connection – Broadband 3G H+ up to 4G LTE (Cellular or Mobile connection) with minimum speed of 1mbps.

JavaScript Enabled Browser – We highly recommend Google Chrome and Opera Browser. Any JavaScript Enabled browser will work.

Operating System – This online application works in Android and Windows (Desktop/Laptop, Mobile and Tablet)

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